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We believe the body works as a whole and controlled by vital areas such as: Brain, Organs, Glands, Systems (Immune, Endocrine etc...), Central Nervous System, Skeletal System and muscle attachments to Tendon and Ligament structures. Every part of the body is connected together and because of this foundation we have the ability to use an organ to help heal a gland or muscle. We also have the ability to access different toxins, poisons, allergen, and pathogens through our incredibly intricate meridian system. This meridian system is a network of nerves that connect every part of the body together and notify the brain about every change or attack to its cells and organs.

As a result of this premise we believe that once the brain has been informed about a potential health risk such as a foreign virus, bacteria, pathogen, or one of the thousands of potential dangers to the body, the brain will recruit the necessary cells and body system in order to restore health.

The body is the most powerful healer in the world, we simply access the areas of dis-ease via the meridian system and in turn the body shows us how to fix the problem. This system of healing is truly amazing and leaves us fascinated every day when we witness the incredible changes to a person's health.

Step 1: Find The Cause

Through the techniques of Applied Kinesiology we seek out the origin or the cause of your symptoms which are making your feel unhealthy. We never treat the symptom but seek out the cause of the symptom, get the body to heal the cause, and the body restores itself back to perfect health!

Step 2: Stabilize and Accelerate The Healing Process

Once brain has found the cause we continuously test other organs, glands, and body systems to determine if other conditions exist as well. Such conditions we check for are: Auto-immune diseases involving Gluten and other food allergens, Viral and Bacterial pathogens, Mold and Fungal strains, Chemical and Heavy metal poisoning and toxicity, and many other issues. As we find these secondary or tertiary conditions and allow the body to eliminate them, the healing process accelerates immensely!

Step 3: Monitor and Adapt

Our bodies are constantly growing, building, healing, and re-building cells and body systems and as a result of this we frequently monitor your body for any new health issues or potential non-active pathogens. Non-active pathogens are dormant (sleeping) pathogens (causing disease) which if turned on can potentially harm the body. We use the power of the brain and body systems to detect any potential threats to your body and your health, eliminating them without side effects.


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