Our Unique Lyme Disease Method

There is an answer for Lyme Disease however it's not a short answer. Below are a few facts to consider when having to make a decision regarding your health.

Fact #1: Lyme Disease is much more than a bacteria effecting your body, these bacterial strains will mutate with dormant viral strains which can activate your body's auto-immune system, causing multiple symptoms to appear.

Fact #2: Treating Lyme with antibiotics will only strengthen the viral strains associated with the bacteria thus allowing the original bacteria to mutate and create stronger, more debilitating symptoms.

Fact #3: Lyme is curable!

Fact #4: Using the appropriate measures to eliminate the many viral strains acting as cofactors to the bacterial component of Lyme will allow your body to quickly heal and recover from the horrible effects of Lyme.

Fact #5: Our center has developed one of the most powerful and unique methods for patient's suffering from Lyme symptoms.


I was only 42 years old and I felt like I was going on 80! All my joints ached, I had no energy for anything! My fiancé was getting scared that I might never heal, I was put on 3 different medications for my Thyroid, cholesterol, and an antibiotic to control the Lyme.

When I met Dr. Singer I was given a much more thorough explanation about my symptoms, within 3 visits I had literally regained all my strength, motivation, health, and most of all my hope was restored that I could be healthy and normal again!

I tell everyone I meet about the doctor who changed and saved my life!

Thank you with all my heart!

-MS Hoboken


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