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  • Giving Thanks
    As we enter into the Thanksgiving and holiday season this year I challenge you to change your thinking about yourself and how you see your world.  This is the time Read more
  • Don't Take It Out!
    Far too often I am approached by people who have had their Thyroid gland surgically removed due to chronic health conditions.  Unfortunately for those people, the Thyroid gland is the Read more
  • Treat vs Cure
    Aspirin can work well in terms of treating a headache and eliminating the symptoms associated with the headache, such as pain, pressure, aching muscles, fatigue, and sensitivity to light.  However the Read more
  • Adrenals
    Stress is a tremendous factor in premature aging, it is truly the silent killer and chief aging proponent to our bodies, spirits, and lives!  No one looks back at their Read more
  • We Can Learn a Lot from our Dogs
    If you have ever experienced owning a dog at some point in your life you will surely understand, at times the experience is incredible.  There are a few characteristic traits Read more
  • Remember...You Are Perfect!
    You are the creator of your reality, your thoughts dictate your feelings—a thought combined with an intense feeling produces a manifestation. Therefore, by controlling your thoughts in a positive manner Read more
  • Benefits of Glutathione
    There is an amazing antioxidant that many people are deficient in and that can be easily depleted by our modern lifestyle. It is the tripeptide Glutathione and it is the body’s most potent Read more
  • The Best Cough Remedy
    I was once given an Ayurvedic cough remedy that works quickly and powerfully to knock out even the worst of coughs, the ones that keep you up all night, gaging and Read more
  • How To Get Everything You Desire
    I was attending a seminar not too long ago when the most extraordinary speaker laid out the guidelines and steps to take in manifesting what you desire.Let's say for example Read more
  • Cross Reactors
    Cross-reactive foods are some of the most inconspicuous foods that can keep an Auto-immune reaction alive, especially when someone is following a gluten-free diet.  As hard as it is to Read more
  • Think Positive
    It is easier to think about something positive than negative.  It is more beneficial to your happiness, health, and well-being to surround yourself around positive thinking people than negative.   It Read more
  • Natural Flu Shot
    Every year we go through five seasons which are summer, winter, fall, spring, and the flu season!  Many people ask me about getting the flu shot vs avoiding it all Read more
  • Lavender
    I love using lavender for so many beneficial reasons, such as sleep, alertness, calming effects for restless children and autistic children, anxiety, and much more!In 1996 a controlled clinical trial Read more
  • Fevers
    A fever is a symptom that you feel when your body is trying to eliminate some type of foreign immune challenge.  The most common immune challenges the body can encounter Read more
  • Heavy Metal Detox
    There is so much to read about the subject of heavy metals that it become confusing, scary, and  misleading.  Some of the information on the internet are only designed to Read more
  • Thank it forward
    Very often we find ourselves thanking people after the act of kindness has been given to us, which in itself is a beautiful gesture of gratitude.  However when it comes Read more


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