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My name is Dr. Matt Singer and it is an absolute honor and pleasure to introduce myself to you. Born in Wayne and raised in northern New Jersey I have the honor of returning to my childhood community to serve my friends and neighbors of Wayne.

As a young boy I always knew I wanted to touch the lives of others and be able to look back upon my life and know that I made a difference! As a teenager a serious football injury left me on the sidelines, barely able to even walk! After weeks of being in pain and experiencing many unsuccessful pathways to fix the injury I was led to a doctor of chiropractic, who performed one of the most tactful and thorough examinations on my spine. Within days of the initial treatment I was back on my feet. Two weeks after that I was able to return to the field and complete my final season! I was so impressed how my body healed I was driven to become a doctor of chiropractic, so that one day I too would be able to touch someone's life the way my doctor saved mine!

With that desire I completed my studies at the University of Delaware then I went on to graduate from Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri. This is where I met an incredible mentor of mine who introduced me to the world of holistic chiropractic. I saw amazing things happening to people who had been sick and disabled for years suddenly make a complete turnaround with their health. I was so inspired at the body's incredible healing potential that I began my journey as a holistic doctor and continue today learning about the true healing power of the body.

I have been taught and continue to learn incredible healing secrets from medical and holistic doctors all over the world. I never stop learning because I realize the challenges that we face regarding health today.

 In addition I completed an intense two year Chiropractic Neurology program which fostered my brain based rehabilitation and biomechanical approach towards herniated discs, carpal tunnel, migraine relief and sciatic nerve entrapment.

I am one of only 200 doctors in the world licensed as a holistic chiropractor.  My studies and methods integrate homeopathy, designed clinical nutrition, applied kinesiology, organ and skin detoxification, bacteria, parasite, fungus, and virus, flu, and fever elimination, infant, toddler, and adolescent well-care, acute and chronic illness rehabilitation, and emotional release techniques.I utilize the most advanced technology in the world, your human body, to restore health and well being.

Our main goal is to serve our patients, listen to their needs, concerns, and goals thus fostering a doctor-patient relationship that will last a lifetime. We are extremely family oriented and currently take care of patients ranging from new born through 100+ years old! 

My goal is to return health care to the way it used to be when the patient was the absolute focus and not insurance. My mission is to uncover the cause of your symptoms, not mask them. My purpose is to present a solution to your health crisis and offer a holistic approach that will help your body heal quickly and restore the inner power of your body that has been suppressed for so many years.

It has been a pleasure taking this moment to introduce myself, I welcome the opportunity to meet you and your family in the future, in my office you are treated like family!

Licensure and Certifications:

  • University of Delaware
  • Logan Chiropractic College
  • Carrick Institute for Chiropractic Neurology 
  • Nutrition Response Technique
  • Neurolink
  • TBM
  • Loomis Enzyme Therapy
  • Natural Force Healing
  • Active Release Technique
  • Kinesiotape Methods
  • Back Power Safety Systems

Memberships & Associations:

  • International Chiropractic Pediatric Association
  • International Chiropractic Association
  • Wayne Chamber of Commerce
  • Wayne Rotary
  • Holistic Physician Society
  • Wayne CERT


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