Sciatica is a painful condition that occurs when your sciatic nerve is impinged. At Integrative Holistic Center, we provide treatment for sciatic nerve pain for residents of Wayne, NJ, and the surrounding areas. We can get your spine into alignment and reduce the pressure that is causing your sciatic nerve pain. With a thorough assessment of your condition, our chiropractor develops a treatment plan to help ease the pressure on your sciatic nerve.


Understanding Sciatica and Sciatic Nerve Pain

Your sciatic nerve begins at the base of your spine and travels through your lower body to your feet. Sciatica can start off as an ache in your low back, and can lead to a burning, or stinging pain all the way down your leg. Sciatica is nerve pain, and it is difficult to treat using pain medication. Sciatic nerve pain is caused when your sciatic nerve becomes irritated.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sciatica

Treatment for sciatica begins with carefully assessing the cause of your condition. If your sciatic nerve is compressed, our chiropractor can reduce the compression using a variety of traction techniques. You may be taught exercises to strengthen your back and give you the relief you need from sciatic nerve pain. Our chiropractor might also use hot or cold therapies to reduce inflammation or improve blood flow to the area. Gentle stretching and chiropractic adjustments can ease the pain you are in.

Sciatic Nerve Pain and Chiropractic

Sciatic nerve pain generally takes time to heal. When you visit a chiropractor for sciatica, you give your body what it needs to heal from this painful condition. When your sciatic nerve is irritated, it takes a while for the nerve to calm down once any irritation is removed. If the nerve has been compressed for some time, removing the compression is the first step to treatment. As you heal, you will notice less flare ups of pain.

Find Treatment for Sciatica Today

If sciatic nerve pain is making it difficult for you to get through the day, it's time to find treatment that helps. Contact Integrative Holistic Center at 973-628-1870 today and set up an initial consultation to deal with the pain you are in. Chiropractic can help ease the strain on your sciatic nerve and allow your body to heal naturally.


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