Holistic Care For Your Children

Katie was only two years old when her mother began noticing her energy level diminish, her naptime increase, and skin starting to flake up. Like any mother would, she brought her daughter to the pediatrician who looked at her symptoms and prescribed an ointment for Katie's skin.

Two weeks later Katie's mother brought her back to the pediatrician's office because her energy level became worse and her appetite changed. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and told Katie's mother to bring Katie back to the office in one week for a follow-up visit. The next day Katie's mother took her to a specialist who prescribed an anti-inflammatory and a stronger antibiotic for Katie.

Katie's mother still watched in horror as her daughter's health continued to deteriorate. The following day Katie's mother brought her into the Chiropractor's office. The doctor examined all of Katie's organs, not just her skin.

The doctor explained how the human body works as "one" and we can not merely look at symptoms or an individual area of pain because in Katie's situation there was a virus attacking her Transverse Colon. As a result of this virus the Thyroid Gland and Pancreas were "giving energy" to her Transverse Colon causing her decreased energy levels and flaky skin.

When the proper approach was used to eliminate the virus in Katie's Transverse Colon she made an immediate recovery and Katie's energy level was higher than ever!

We must take a holistic approach towards health, remove the interference to the nervous system, and allow the body to work perfectly.


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