Holistic Care For Fevers

Hunter was 2 1/2 years old when his fever spiked to 105.9 degrees.

Two hours later Hunter's mother had brought him into Dr. Singer's office with a look of uncertainty over her son's high fever.

Through a non-invasive, step-by step system of analysis, Dr. Singer was able to Kinesiologially test Hunter's whole body for the source of the problem and cause of the fever.

After five minutes Dr. Singer found that there was a bacteria in Hunter's spleen.

Dr. Singer first adjusted Hunter's vertebrae that correlate to his spleen. The adjustment removed nerve irritation that prevented his nerves from sending the proper signals to his spleen and back to his brain. Dr. Singer explained that if the brain can not detect the bacteria than the body can not heal.

Dr. Singer than clinically designed specific nutritional combinations for healing Hunter's spleen and killing the bacteria.

Hunter's mother told us that within 30 minutes of leaving Dr. Singer's office Hunter's fever broke!

Hunter's mother called us and said, "I am so grateful to Dr. Singer and his amazing staff who took the time to make us feel cared for and special. I am so amazed how the body can heal naturally. Thank you for giving me hope that there are other ways to heal and thank you for listening to me."

J.B.-Wayne, NJ

February, 2010


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