Holistic Nutrition Testing

Most commonly when we think of nutrition it is easy to picture a vitamin store that is designed to carry a variety of vitamins or herbs designed to treat a specific ailment, just as medication strives to do.

What are we actually accomplishing when a drug or vitamin is used to treat a symptom is simply masking the underlying symptoms of an ailment.

Symptoms are important. Symptoms are clues that one or more systems of our body are not working properly. But symptoms do not just show up. In fact it may take between 5 and 10 years for some symptoms to become evident.

So how does this occur and why does the body undergo stressors that leads to adaptation and eventually disease processes?

Just like our cars need gasoline to run properly, our bodies need vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from whole food sources. However most of the foods that we eat on a regular basis are so devoid of these essential nutrients that our organ systems begin to weaken.

Our nervous system detects this weakness in a specific organ and allows another organ to "give it energy" so to speak. For example, your liver is undergoing stress, your pancreas gives energy to the liver thus weakening the pancreas. However the initial problem was due to a weak liver yet the symptoms are pointing to our pancreas. Treatment is used to help the pancreas yet the underlying problem still is with the liver. You may have already spent many months and years trying various medical and over the counter nutritional supplements in an attempt to heal your body but without success. Once the focus is actually placed on the main problem, the liver, the other "compensatory" organs will quickly begin to heal as well and symptoms will quickly disappear.

This is what makes Dr. Singer so unique in his holistic approach towards healing your body. Dr. Singer is the only chiropractor in the state that utilizes a customized technique designed to detect the primary organ, gland, or muscle that is undergoing the most stress. 

Through the use of whole food nutrition and chiropractic methodologies you will regain the energy, stamina, health, and vibrance that has eluded you for so long.

Expect A Miracle!


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