Your Body As A Whole

The Human body is so much more than most people realize, the body is so much more powerful than what science has discovered so far. Your body is a living miracle and you have the ability to be, do , and have anything you desire, including a healthy body.

Every individual cell in your body is a part of the whole self which is the blueprint of who you are. Every single cell has the DNA coding for the entire body and every cell communicates harmoniously with every organ, system, gland, muscle, and nerve. Every organ in your body has a specific function, if an organ becomes out of balance and needs more energy it will begin to drain energy from its neighboring or "sister" organs. Over a period of time this can lead to disfunction and dis-ease of the organ being drained and eventually this process can cause disease and ill health.

Dr. Singer's methods of analyzing a person begins with the organs and how they are functioning.

Secondly, Dr. Singer will "challenge" each organ to determine if another organ, gland, or muscle is responsible for draining energy from one or multiple reflex sites.

The next step Dr. Singer incorporates into his method of healing includes the relationship of the brain and its ability to detect the weakened organ, gland, or muscle.

Finally Dr. Singer with bring everything together and allow the brain to detect all of the issues while incorporating nutritional, homeopathic, and structural remedies to help a person heal extremely fast.


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