Fever Breaks In 30 Minutes

When our children get sick it can be a very scary and stressful event for the child and parents. A fever is a natural response that is initiated by the brain to heat the body to a condition beyond what a virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus, or other immune challenges can survive in.

Pharmaceutical efforts used to bring a fever down rely on chemicals to kill pathogens. Antipyretics (fever reducing drugs) cause the hypothalamus (area of the brain that talks to the glands of the body) to override a brain-induced increase in temperature. The body will then work to lower the temperature and the result is a reduction in fever.

But what happens if your child does not respond to the medication or he/she is allergic to the medication? How often does your child get sick? How often do you find yourself filling the prescription for another antibiotic. There are harmful side effects to your child every time they take antibiotics, one of them being a decrease in immunity.

Is there a healthier way of reducing a fever or better yet getting your child's brain to detect the immune challenge thus increasing his/her total immunity as they get older?

The following are Dr. Singer's approach towards eliminating a fever:

  1. Neurolink: Dr. Singer is 1 of 200 Holistic doctors in the world who practice Neurolink to allow the brain to find the exact immune challenge (bacteria, virus, parasite, fungus). Scott R. is a patient of Dr. Singer's who had a 103.5 fever when his mother brought him into the office. By evaluating Scott's body and determining the exact immune challenge, Dr. Singer was able to link Scott's brain, gland, and organ to the immune challenge. This process took less than five minutes and by the time Scott's mother took his temperature a half hour later it had already dropped to 101.8, another half hour later it had dropped to 99.3! His energy returned with his appetite and 24 hours later he was back to school.
  2. TBM: Dr. Singer constantly studies new techniques and protocols to help the body heal. TBM is a system of healthcare that was designed to utilize the innate power of the human body to find the cause of a symptom by working backwards to trace the origin of the disease process. The organs, glands, muscles, and systems of the body all work harmoniously to create balance and health. When one part of the body is effected it causes the other parts to compensate and adapt to the crisis. If the brain can find the cause, the body can fix it. TBM helps the brain, organs, and glands to communicate properly and allow the body to heal and stay healthy. TBM is used to heal chronic diseases, auto-immun3 disease, and crisis care.
  3. Designed Clinical Nutrition: Dr. Singer has been studying Chinese medicine, herbs, and foods clinically for many years. He has discovered many of natures natural remedies and even created some of his own to his patients for healing specific organs and glands.
  4. Homeopathy: Dr. Singer has been using Homeopathy for many of his difficult cases and seeing miracles!
  5. Chiropractic Adjustments: The foundation of health and balance is found within the spine. By allowing the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to communicate without interruption, the human body can express health, prevent disease, and eradicate chronic illnesses.


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