• Healing Foods for Cleansing
    HEALING FOODS FOR CLEANSING If you are interested in doing a cleanse but are not sure where to start the easiest place to begin involves simply removing inflammatory foods and Read more
  • Healthy Skin
    When we consume healthy foods which are whole foods, uncooked vegetables, fruits, soaked seeds & nuts we are consuming Lipids.  Lipids supply our body with the support it needs to Read more
  • Sprouts
    Sprouting is essentially the practice of germinating seeds — whether grains, nuts, beans or other kinds of seeds — so that they are easier to digest and your body can access their Read more
  • Advanced Healing Secrets #1
    An apple a day really can keep the doctor away, with its many benefits, most people underestimate the power of eating apples every day.Apples help to reduce inflammation in our Read more
  • Good vs bad
    Gluten is a word that so many people as me about and question if there is really any truth behind the hype.  This blog post will break it down for Read more
  • Meditate for Healing
    You are energy, every molecule that makes up who you are responds to the energy around you.  Have you ever walked into a room during a party or event to Read more
  • Antibiotics and Gluten Sensitivity
    Our digestive tract is designed to absorb nutrients from the foods we eat.  The actual lining of the digestive tract is soft and delicate.  Antibiotics have the ability to harm Read more
  • Be to See
    Circumstances do not matter only our state of being matters.  So often we can get hung up on the circumstances in our lives, mostly from things that we have no Read more
  • MSG toxicity
    MSG was invented in 1907 and is derived from a natural substance called glutamate which is found in every plant and animal species.  MSG is used in thousands of foods Read more
  • Preservatives
    More than one-third of the adult population in the United States is classified as obese!  Obesity is responsibile for more "preventable" deaths each year than any other cause.  Secondly obesity Read more
  • Sick Care vs Health Care
    Think about the thongs we do in our lives, not just in terms of our health but in many of our daily ritual.  It is more common for people to Read more
  • Why Chiropractic?
    We have trillions of cells in our body which all have unique and precise functions which all work in harmony to create a masterpiece of a body.  Some cells come Read more
  • The Flu
    There are two modes of thought when it comes to the flu:  Allopathic thinking believes in the germ theory and if you are around someone who has the flu, you are Read more
  • Foods That Contribute to Allergies
    Dairy is a food that I have talked about, lectured on, and wrote about for years and explained the potential dangers of consuming dairy.  Whether the food is in the Read more
  • Why Dairy Is Dangerous
    For many of us who remember the advertisements with the white moustache promoting dairy and the "so called" benefits we receive from drinking cow's milk and ingesting cow's cheese, the Read more
  • Children's Fevers
    When I talk with parents about their children and those scary moments when their little ones are dealing with a fever, there is always anxiety and fear that their child's Read more


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